Dawson A. Farr, N.D.
Naturopathic Physican in Salem
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Eliminating migraines & headaches

Reducing medications

Hormones & health

Chronic muscle & joint pain

Thyroid & fatigue

Men’s health

Gastrointestinal problems

Reducing the impact of stress on my health

Dr. Dawson Farr is a naturopathic primary care physician in Salem, Oregon. I am a solution-based physician who's ultimate goal is to help you attain the highest level of health. I will help you build a bridge between the best in conventional and natural medicine.

"You've given me my life back. After seeing so many doctors who told me there was nothing they could do for me, you took the time to listen, and actually found and treated the cause of my symptoms instead of putting a bandaid on them. My whole family thanks you!" - LC

I can help you with:

  • alternative strategies to treating thyroid disorders
  • eliminating headaches and migraines without medicine
  • strategies for reducing pharmaceutical medicines and their side effects
  • improving hormone balance
  • freedom from joint and muscle pain
  • eliminating chronic fatigue
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • reducing the impact of stress on your health

My passion is motivating people to achieve a pain-free, energy-filled, purposeful life. I believe that looking for, and treating the CAUSE of your symptoms using conventional AND natural therapies is the best way to achieve optimal health.

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Dr. Dawson Farr
VIDA Family Medicine
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